How to Recognize A Cat’s Stress In a New Environment

A cat who used to a certain surrounding will take time to get acquainted to their new environment. If you have just brought your cat home and he’s new to your home, it’s important to recognize when your cat is stressed in a new environment.

Here are some signs that a cat is stressed in a new environment:

  • Constant meows
  • The cat is being unusually quiet
  • Constant sleeping
  • Decrease appetite
  • Cat is hiding, or running away from the owner
  • Lack of interest in anything or anyone
  • Behaving in an aggressive or fearful manner.

It is pertinent you study the stress level over a period of time, and if it continues, without any form of change or reduction, it’s recommended you seek expert assistant of a pet behaviorist or a veterinarian who may be able to determine the cause for the continuous stressful pattern.

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