Should I Get A Puppy?

An important questions that potential pet owners ask is ‘Should I get a puppy’.

The decision should be based on careful deliberation due to the nature of owning a puppy.

Many persons don’t realize the intricate process and overwhelming amount of attention a puppy requires, particularly when it doesn’t have its mother.

Therefore, you as the owner becomes designated mother and caregiver.

Are you capable to manage such responsibility?

should i get a puppy

For whatever reason, you are gone for long periods, are you willing to hire for petsitter.

This may be costly. Not only would this be exorbitant, but the puppy may not be comfortable with the sitter.

Fundamentally, this is someone who is new and the dog is not familiar with.

This process may take a while to resolve.

Some dogs refuse to be fed or taken care of someone its not used to.

Please remember this puppy needs to to be checked regularly by a veteran who may also recommend the nutrition for the puppy.

At such a tender age, a puppy may not develop all of its teeth and may need to be fed more softer food.

Also get a expert trainer to assist with the development of the puppy behavior pattern. It necessary to incised certain attributes from a tender age.

Later down, eventually, strongly consider the consequence of growing your dog in a apartment or enclosed area, especially from the puppy stage.

Provision should be made to allow the dog the opportunity to interact with other dogs to assure a certain level of purpose.

This can be a gradual progress over the dogs years.

If you have any suggestion, let us know in the comment section below. We look forward to hear from you. One of our main goals is to find a safe home for every pet.

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