Socialization is a protracted process. Every dog should have those moments of interfacing with other humans as well as other animals.

Even if you don’t possess the quality of a social person,developing that social skills of your pet is imperative for them to be functional in their daily routine and interaction.

Establishing a great relationship is rudimentary in building a foundation of trust and connection with your dog. Lets continue this journey of loving our pets.

Take your new pet to meet other dogs and humans in the community or wherever you live; to be safe, ensure he is on a leash. Initially, we want to see how comfortable the dogs in this new environment.

Familiarize the dog to the new surrounding will expedite the process of acclimatization. Over a period of time, the dog will feel safe and protected in this new atmosphere.

Once you noticed your dog has become more confident, you can remove the leash and allow the dog to mill around freely. On the dogs own volition he can further develop that familiarity.

The reason I suggest to have him on a leash is because some dogs have behavioral issue when it comes in contact with a new surroundings. They may feel scared and may resort to instinct which may be to attack whenever it becomes fearful or feel threatened. However, this can be overcome by the aforementioned of acclimatization.

Remember, you will be responsible for the dogs behavior and how he interact with another sentient being.

Also, it is important reward your dog for good behavior while, implement some form of penalty for unfavorable behavior. Neither measure has to be excessive, but suffice to impress on him your desire for him.

Gradually, your dog should be cognizant of the type of behavior you condone as the owner. Ultimately, this will be learned habit that will shape your dog behavior.

It is important to teach and reward wanted behavior so your dog develops good manners.

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