When to Choose A Cat As A Pet?

Cats can be the ideal companions. For many, they provide happiness and comfort. But there are a few things to consider when selecting a cat over a dog or any other animal.You won’t need to break the bank, however, it’s recommended to have adequate amount of money when selecting a cat for a pet.

The cost of caring for the welfare and well-being of a cat can be exorbitant to the ordinary person.

You will have to take into account: food, toys, litterbox, cleaning amenities along with vet care.


These are some of the things that you need to be aware of before choosing a cat as a pet:

• It is possible for a cat to have a lifespan of up to fifteen years or more. Therefore, it’s essential to make a long term commitment to the kitten if you plan to adopt one/ A cat can live up to fifteen years or more. Therefore it’s important to assure a certain level of commitment.

• There is the popular notion that cats are not social creatures, however, this is false. Cats are interactive and require a lot of attention. Although not demanding as dogs, they still need play time and affection on a daily basis. These are some of the things to factor when selecting a cat.

• Cats are very keen to the details about their litter box, so it’s of paramount importance to keep their litter box fresh and sanitary. They are various means you can research to assure your cat always feel their litter box is clean.

• Base on a number studies, it is not recommended to have kittens around children the age of three or less. An adult cat will be more suitable, especially if its properly trained.

• It’s hard to find a cat doesn’t take pleasure in scratching things, hence a sturdy scratching post is necessary to prevent a cat from destroying furniture. It is considered cruel to declaw a cat to prevent them marring the furniture around the house.

The process involves the removal of the first knuckle of each toe, and can be extremely painful for your pet. If you really love your cat, this is a procedure to avoid. There are methods to trim a cat’s nail to avert he/she from scratching the furniture and upholstery.

Also there are products online and in pet stores which can derail a cat from damaging items of importance.

• Remember cats have a wide range of personalities. There are some which enjoy being picked up and snuggled with. Others are indifferent and detest the idea of being held.

So be prepared to adapt a cat to your specific personality traits. When you go to a shelter or pet store, they should be able to inform you on the different personas of each cat and be able to assist you to choose the right one.

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